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So I needed a browser. I already had Mozilla, Netscape, Konqueror, and Galleon (or whatever Gnome's browser is). I didn't like any of them. I googled a bit and everybody seemed to rave about Firefox. So I got hold of it. And it was the nicest browser yet, but nothing to really rave about, it seemed. I certainly didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Until I installed Portable Firefox on a USB key and was able to run it at work on Windows XP. . .

I'm used to having a better user experience on my Linux machine than I do on Windows - It's the nature of the beast. So Firefox was just another part of "Linux is better than Windows" at home. But when I got the exact same experience with Firefox on a machine that had only had a particularly sucky flavour of IE . . . (We can't touch ANY of the settings - security reasons. So it hides our Favourites if we don't use them enough; it doesn't remember our passwords; we can't install popup blockers. . . )

Firefox on Windows blew me away, it really did.


Well, some folks say that FF's best feature is it's small, unbloated size. I don't.
Some say FF's success is down to its better security. I don't.
Bill Gates says FF is no better than IE. If he was only using a vanilla Firefox install, I can understand where he's coming from.

Firefox is made so damn good by its community, and their ability to easily customize and extend it.

Because I can change Firefox and add features to it, it's streets ahead of any other browser. The popup blocker, RSS aggregator, PNG support. . . they're just icing. The customizability is the cake.

So, what do I do to customize a vanilla Firefox?

Once I've done all this, I have Firefox the way I like it. I shall now bore you with some screenshots:

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