Monday, November 07, 2005

Linking to this blog

You should always make it as easy as possible for people to link to you (if you want to be linked to, anyway)

Obviously, if they just want text, they can just C&P the URL. But if they want something more colorful, it's nice to have a quick & simple alternative.

So, if you want to link to this blog, here's a bit of code to C&P for a graphical link:

<A HREF="">
<IMG border=0 SRC="">
<IMG border=0 SRC="">OneAndOneIs2</A>

It'll look like this on your web page:

Of course, it's only a suggestion: You can link however you like. But if you want a small & colorful link specific to this site, then I think this should do! :o)


hari said...

Hi, I've added a link to your blog from mine! :)

3:27 AM  

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