Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There & back again

I use Portable Firefox at work - runs off a USB2.0 HD. I noticed that a new version was available - the Deer Park 1.5

So obviously, I had to have a go. . .

Downloaded it, ran it. As expected, some of my extensions didn't work:

So, turned it off and went back to 1.0.7. I can cope without many extensions at a pinch, but mouse gestures is where I draw the line. If I can't use right-click&scroll-down to navigate back through my history list, I don't want to know.

Hey ho. I never was a great one for cutting edge stuff. I'll wait till 1.5 is widespread enough for the extensions to work. Firefox without extensions is like. . . like. . .

Well, like Interet Explorer, basically! :o)


Anonymous said...

Howdy Dominic. Actually, All-In-One Mouse Gestures does work with the current Portable Firefox. Just be sure to install 0.17.3 from the extension homepage and not from addons.mozilla.org which has an older version up. You'll need to save it locally and then do a FILE - OPEN on it to install it.


Regards, John T. Haller, Portable Firefox Developer

7:24 PM  
titanium said...

Like IE
Firefox: good because you don't have the bloat of stuff you never use.
Firefox: good because you can add all this stuff that's really cool.

hehehe. 1.5 is the beta though...

11:12 PM  

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