Tuesday, December 06, 2005


So I saw a skin for the GP2X I rather liked in a forum post, and since I'm not overly fond of the naff orange creation of GPH, I figured I'd go for it :o)

So I found out how to actually change skin courtesy of MyGP2X and did a download. Then I ran the install, and the screen went blank for a few seconds, and then. . .

Then. . !

Then I realized I'd muddled up names and downloaded the wrong skin: I've installed a Windows XP-style skin!

Argh! I don't even have the XP theme on my XP computer! And now it's on my Linux-running GP2X? Surely this is heresy!? :o)

Ah well, never mind. It's still a much nicer skin than the default one. It's much less orange, for starters. I'll install the one I wanted, Pulsar, when I get home - I don't have rar capabilities at work!


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