Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's all go!

The most visited article on my entire site, by far, is Linux!=Windows. I originally posted it under a non-derivative CC license: It could be copied, but not altered.

Then I had one or two mails asking for permission to translate, which of course is a fairly hefty alteration. So I switched it to a derivative-permitting CC instead.

As a result, it appears to have started doing the rounds in China, courtesy of one of the translators. I know it's getting quite a lot of exposure, because (a) it still sources the images from my website so I get hits in my access stats every time a Chinese translation is viewed, and (b) it's made it to the front page of the Chinese Ubuntu web page, and that's a pretty busy distro.

At the same time, I finally figured out why the page wasn't fulfilling W3C standards: Since I'd written the HTML myself, by hand, it shouldn't have had any major problems, and yet it was giving dozens of unhelpful errors. Even using NVU, a Free WYSIWYG editor that generates W3C-compliant HTML, the errors didn't go away.

It was all down to a single failure, tho: I hadn't supplied alternate text for my images. I fixed this, and am now making my way thru the rest of the pages to sort them out. I may even get some time at work to have a go at a few, courtesy of Portable NVU, from the same source as the other Portable Apps I use. . .

And lastly, I made some updates to my DVD-ripping guide for the GP2X: I replaced the full-sized screenshots with click-to-enlarge half-sized shots; and I illustrated what Interlacing is and why it causes problems.

Lou read it late last night when she was half-asleep, and she understood it, so I'm fairly confident it does the job ;o)

Now I just have to clear up the whole sound-out-of-synch thing, and it'll be pretty much done!


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