Saturday, December 17, 2005

My achilles heel

I've had two comments in as many days about the same problem.

We all have our little blind spots. I regularly type "keybaord" instead of "keyboard", for instance. That's easy enough to spot & fix.

But my worst problem is one that a spellchecker just can't help: I keep writing "loose" when I mean "lose".

I've had this problem for years. I have no idea why.


Erez said...

My previous comment was made because I've seen that loose/lose confusion across so many written texts, including some online publication, to the point I started checking dictionaries to make sure the double O isn't an accepted variation spelling (it's not... yet).

5:09 PM  
titanium said...

man, you need to work on loosing that habit (oops!) lol.

It's one of those things that bugs me a lot. That and too and to.

My big ones are their and thier, form and from.

2:52 AM  
Tom said...

their annd they're get me.

3:47 AM  
Erez said...

Not to mention "and"... ;)

I think it's a bit problematic for me, as a non-native speaker. Typos (when I recognise them) are very disturbing, as my knowledge of the language is not inherent or automatic. At some level, I still decipher the text, moreso than in my native language. Hence the anal fixation I have with loose/lose.

8:16 AM  
Dominic said...

Oh yes. . . To and Too are definitely annoying ones!

Another bugbear is using "of" instead of "have": "I should of spelt it lose."

It's not even a typo, it's completely the wrong word!

8:58 AM  

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