Monday, October 31, 2005

Traitor to the penguin

So, my non-geek gf has been using Ubuntu so far, and liking it - she likes KDE, and she likes the way it doesn't take 10 mins to boot up, unlike XP.

But Ubuntu just released Breezy, and we're both very unimpressed by the upgrade procedure. What the hell is it doing, downloading every single package on her system again, with the same version that is already on there?? And then after hours of pointless downloads, failing right at the start. That's just not impressive.

So she wants to try something with a better upgrade path. Gentoo fits that bill, of course, as it never has a new version. But she doesn't want to use Gentoo, and I can't say I think it'd be a good idea.

So I suggested the OS that inspired the Portage system, and handed her my FreeBSD install CD.

I personally was unimpressed with FreeBSD. The installation was a particularly lousy one, taking me hours to get anywhere with, and finally leaving me with a non-functional BSD because it won't accept my USB keyboard.

But it worked fine for her, and we left it installing KDE overnight. It did the whole download fine, but we haven't tried actually running it yet.

Hopefully, it'll work out, and she'll have a nice, low-maintenance KDE-based computer.

But she's doing it without Tux!

I would say the Devil made me do it. But I'm too knowledgeable for that.

So: the Daemon made me do it ;o)


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