Friday, December 23, 2005

Farewell, UPS?

My old computer was killed by a power surge. It was dying anyway, so I didn't much care.

But my new PC, lovingly built by my own two hands, I cared a lot more about. So I wanted some surge protection. In fact, a UPS would be nice. . .

So I got one off Ebuyer - it was very cheap as it was very small, but it would give me about 2 minutes of power in the event of a power cut - plenty long enough to save my work and shut down.

And it was all well and good, until I got a mail this morning from ebuyer, telling me that the design was faulty and it was being recalled for safety reasons.

Hey ho.

On the plus side, when I replace it, I'll actually make sure it's one that works easily with Linux, so I can automate the shutdown rather than having to do it manually. But it's annoying nonetheless.

In other news, I was off work ill yesterday (vertigo & nausea, a weird bug going round, only lasts a few hours if you get a good sleep in) and I'm working on switching away from Blogger - not that I have anything against them, just that it'll mean more control and less hassle. Besides, I host my own website so why not host the blogging software on it too?

So once I've sorted out the template to my satisfaction, I'll be switching over to b2evolution for my blogging needs. Probably. I already tried dismissed Moveable Type, WordPress, and one or two others.

Interestingly, b2evolution is a complete multi-user, multi-blog thingy, so I might even host other people's blogs with it. It's interesting to have a play with, anyway. Altho PHP isn't my strong point, so I'm struggling a bit with a few of the formatting things. . .


hari said...

I totally agree with hosting a blog with your own blog software. I've never used b2evolution, but there are plenty of blogging tools out there to fit everybody's needs.

Personal recommendation would be WordPress. Version 2.0 is almost released and this version has a built in importer from Blogger as well.

10:09 AM  

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