Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Would my readers do me a favour?

I've made a few changes to my template. It's introduced a niggle: Font size is inconsistent.

I've had the same issue before with FF, where it treated .php files differently to .htm. So I'm not sure if it's just me, or what.

So could I ask you, if you're reading this post, to compare the font in this post on my main page, to this version of it in the Novemember archive, and leave a comment telling me if the fonts match or are different?

Much obliged!


titanium said...

totally the same. That's as it is and after a shift-refresh.
I'm using firefox 1.0.7 , Mac OSX 10.3

9:20 PM  
Dominic said...


Now knowing the problem must be on my end, I did some playing with the settings. It would appear that setting a minimum size in the fonts preferences was responsible for the weird behaviour.

Can't imagine why it only affects some pages & not others, but never mind. . .

10:21 PM  
hari said...

Many times, the browser settings affect the font quite bizzarely.

The reason this may affect some pages and not others may be because of slight CSS variations in the way you specify the font size. Just a suggestion...

9:07 AM  
hari said...

Ah... forgot to mention. The pages render the same to me too.

9:09 AM  

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