Thursday, November 10, 2005

First cold

Six years ago, when I started working in this place, I caught a cold. Followed closely by a cold, which was succeeded by a cold. I then came down with a cold.

After an unbroken six-month run of colds, my immune system was at such a low ebb I was hit with impetigo as well, an infection that produced ugly scabs on the backs of my hands that looked for all the world like somebody had stubbed out a cigarette on them.

After that, my immune system finally caught back up again. Following which, my immune system has been so hardened against colds I've barely been troubled with them in six years. I did have one about a year ago, but it was a mild irritation to me, whereas it laid up my gf in bed for a day or two.

This week, however, I've finally succumbed. It's not really a cold so much as a cough, which is probably how it got through. But man, is it getting on my nerves.

The coughing I can cope with. The sore throat is an irritation, but treatable. The runny nose I barely notice.

But my left ear. . . There's a pressure bubble in it that just will not pop. And I'm a scuba diver - we know a thing or two about equalizing ear pressure!

I'm not even bunged up, that's the silly thing - why are my ears blocked up when my nose & sinuses aren't? It's bloody daft! And it's been sitting there for two solid days.

Bloody viruses. . .


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